From the seventh generation descendant of Kuniyoshi UTAGAWA

5th Feb 2021

Ukiyoe is still popular not only among Japanese people but also people all over the world.

Without ending this wonderful Japanese culture with a temporary boom,

I believe that KIMASA's activities will play an important role in achieving sustainable development.

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, Ukiyoe culture needs to be preserved in a way that matches the times.

KIMASA made it possible to use Ukiyoe one by one as data.

In addition, by arranging the color, it is spread all over the world in a more familiar form.

I'm impressed that I've continued to work steadily to complete such a wonderful site.

I also use the image created by KIMASA as the wallpaper of my smartphone.

We will continue to support Kimasa's activities to support the development of ukiyoe.


Thank you.

It's very encouraging.

I want to do my best steadily.